How to Promote Your Travel Blog Posts on Twitter

Blog Promotion on Twitter

Traveling is a really awesome thing to do. While others are busy doing work and business, you’re out there, exploring each and every spot of the world. Traveling is an experience worth sharing. What other social media site do you think would it best be shared other than Twitter? With millions of people– commoners and influential ones– using Twitter every month, it befits to be the best social media platform where your blog posts should be shared.

However, with that massive number of users tweeting posts and sharing different blogs each day, it’s almost impossible for your travel blog posts to be read or even get noticed. So, here are some ways on how you can promote your travel blog posts the more effective way on Twitter.

Blog Promotion on Twitter

  • Write significant blogs

Before anything else, you have to take your blog into serious consideration. When all is said and done, everything will boil down to how well you’ve written your blog. You should make your blog as significant as possible. There are two types of readers you should keep in mind. One type of reader reads for entertainment, while the other one reads for information. That means you have to make your blog interesting and at the same time, informative. You can talk about how romantic Eiffel Tower has made you feel, but you should also include information about how, when, or who made the world renowned Eiffel Tower.

  • Read and leave insightful comments

Don’t get bounded on just reading and leaving comments on your own blogs. Go out and explore other people’s travel blogs as much as you do during your travels. Oftentimes, big-time bloggers hang out to different blog sites, reading and leaving insightful comments for other bloggers, especially those that just kick-started. You can do that, too. By simply connecting with other bloggers and readers, you can get helpful information that you can use in your blogs and even write a blog on how to increase twitter followers. Other readers leave feedbacks which will help you get an idea on what they actually want. You can also connect with big-time bloggers or readers whom you can make deals with.

  • Join travel blog forums

One way of promoting your travel blogs is by building your network at its biggest. You can easily build your network by joining forums like The Travel Writers Exchange, BootsnAll, and Travel Blog Exchange. There, you can introduce yourself to millions of big-time, experienced, and starter bloggers that can help your name known all over the internet. Find and choose the forum you’re comfortable with, introduce yourself, and start chatting.

  • Try guest posting

Explore outside. That’s what travelers love to do, right? Same goes with your blogs. Find larger blog sites and write guest posts for them. Include your bio and your main blog site. They have bigger audience, so you can expect your blog to have more audience. If readers find your blog interesting, they will look up to the bio and will check out more of your blogs.