Seven Essential Travel Gadgets for the Modern Traveler

Travel gadget for modern traveler

Travelling is one of the best ways to relax and unwind after working so hard to keep the pay checks from coming into your bank account. Often times, we love to reminisce about the places that we have been to. A modern traveler only carries the essential things when travelling. They often carry electronic gadgets with them not just to capture memories but as well as to keep in touch with their families and friends who are waiting for their travel stories.

So, what are the gadgets that a modern traveler often carries on trips? Here are the seven essential gadgets that a modern traveller should have when hitting the road of adventure.

Smart phone

Smart phones are one of the must-have gadgets for every modern traveller. This gadget is more than just a tool for sending SMS or making calls; it can be use as your GPS, camera, video recorder, translator, and many more. If you cannot live a day without checking your social media sites, then bringing a smart phone is the perfect on-the-go gadget for you.

Power bank

Power banks are very important when travelling. If you bring phones, tablets, or IPads, this trusty gadget keeps them running during the times that your battery is slowly running out. This gadget is your extra source of electronic life.

Smart tracker

Sometimes, losing your luggage in the airport can be a pain in the ass, especially when you have important schedules to catch. Well, you can thank the inventor of Smart trackers; now, you don’t have to worry about losing your luggage at the airport. Just attach this device to your luggage and download the app on your phone to keep your luggage in check. At last, no more lost luggage in the airport!

GPS Watch

Every traveller must be prepared at all times. Travelling to places you have never been to is both an adventure and a risk. You need to have with you the necessary gadgets to make your travel more comfortable. One of the most recommended gadgets nowadays is the GPS watch. As a traveller, what you need is more than just an ordinary watch, you need something that can withstand the outdoor elements and can function as GPS in case of emergency.

Action Camera

This is a perfect device when you do water activities or taking pictures in motion. It is waterproof and can be taken underneath the sea to capture the exhilarating underwater view. Aside from its water-proof feature, it is well-equipped with Bluetooth and is a wi-fi ready device that enables you to share your memories on your social media sites.


If you are fond of music to kill time in the airport during long haul flights, this device is the perfect companion to keep you from slipping into boredom. These are handy and easy to use. There are some headsets and earphones that have that noise-cancelling feature, so if you are afraid of the turbulence, then you might need one of these to calm you in the long flights.

Travel Steam Iron

There are times that even if you fold our clothes carefully, they still get wrinkly which frustrate you even more. Worry no more and kiss those wrinkles away because this steam iron definitely does the job well. It’s even portable and handy; you don’t have to worry about the bulky device in your bag. It is as big as a keyboard mouse and powered by a 420 watt motor.

These gadgets are the perfect travelling buddy for a modern traveler like you!