Top Social Media Apps for Wanderlusts

Wanderlust Travel

Traveling is made a lot easier through the new social media apps exclusively designed for travelers. Through these social media apps, people who want to explore new places can obtain relevant information from those people who have been there before. Though the social media networks allow people to share their travel experiences with their friends, they aren’t really designed for travelers. Fortunately, through the social media apps travelers will satisfy their needs.

Some travel websites were converted into apps that are designed for those people on the go. The social media apps for travelers can help in some ways, including the following:

  • Planning ahead for the next adventure
  • Gives great options when the plan isn’t realizing
  • Enables to meet experienced travelers
  • Features functionality that allows sharing your adventures with people who aren’t with you during the travel.

Wanderlust Travel
Someday I’m gonna travel the world

Here are some social media apps that can help in planning your next trip:

  1. Foursquare (Android/iOS) – This app provides incredible functions that can help in searching for destinations considering the distance from your current location. It also offers the opportunity to follow travelers with the same interests as you are and you can also read reviews of other travelers.
  2. Yotube (Android/iOS)- This app helps travelers to post and share to everyone in the globe about their adventures and expeditions. It connects people everywhere. You can also boost your video by buying youtube views
  3. Trover (Android/iOS) – This social media app for travelers is really inspiring because travelers can view feeds of beautiful images locations and hashtags. This app is more on sharing travel experiences and beautiful photos. It can help in conceptualizing a trip, but you’ll need another app in making your travel a reality.
  4. Heylets (iOS only) – This app helps travelers and people on the go to find nearby attractions by just using the keyword “recommended” and “trending”. The good thing about using this app is that every featured attraction comes with images and reviews from other users, thus you can easily add your chosen destinations to your wish list.
  5. GoGoBot (Android/iOS) – This is one of the favorite apps by many people because of its user-friendly and beautiful interface. It also offers a lot of information to travelers including the local ports and weather. It also gives ideas for accommodation, where to eat and entertainment simply by just pushing a button.
  6. CoachSurfing (Android/iOS) – Travelers who want to stick on their budget can use this social media app. Common users are budget-conscious travelers and students.
  7. Off Exploring (Android/iOS) – Some people are traveling to write a travel blog, and Off Exploring can help in crossing between personal blog and social media posts. You can post blogs, videos and photos with descriptions on it.


Indeed, those social media apps cited above allow travelers to travel with technology. There’s nothing wrong with being too reliant on technology and learn on how to buy youtube views  as it can make your trip hassle-free. Though you can talk with other travelers, having travel apps available at your mobile devices can significantly improve your travel experience. You can also take advantage of amazing travel benefits by using travel apps. It gives you the opportunity to find travel destinations that are beyond your imagination and expectation.